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SkinCad 3D Analysis System

A breakthrough in digital skin analysis

The SKINCAD 3D system is a non-invasive technology used to analyse and assess the condition of the skin. By determining the skin condition, a comprehensive analysis of imperfections can be provided and as a result can correctly identify a personalised treatment plan. SKINCAD 3D is your “virtual dermatologist”, a high-tech device that allows you to know, scientifically, the health of your skin, in a non-invasive way.

The objective of the SKINCAD 3D system is to offer a complete and customised analysis of facial imperfections and provide a personalised treatment plan for each client. SKINCAD 3D uses algorithms to analyse images typical of bio-engineering techniques, which ensure the skin analysis system is reliable and easy to use.

Tuenda SkinCad 3D

Advanced 3D software for optimised analysis

The SKINCAD 3D system analyses the follow measurement parameters of the skin:

  • Hydration
  • Wrinkles
  • Sebum
  • Corneumstratum
  • Discromias
  • Pores

The SKINCAD 3D difference

  • Advanced 3D software developed exclusively for Apple Mac system
  • Personal skin diagnosis and customised treatment protocol
  • High grade digital microscopic instrumentation
  • Patient registration and case history records
  • “Before and after” function
  • Corian top handpiece support
  • Non-invasive treatment

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