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PureRegen Gel OTOL Dressing

Crosslinked Hyaluronan Gel Designed For Otology


PureRegen Gel Otol is formulated from crosslinked hyaluronic acid, and contains no animal components.

PureRegen Gel Otol is a packing material that provides controlled degradation and optimum viscosity designed for outer ear surgery. It is organic thanks to the self-cross-linked hyaluronic acid structure and does not contain artificial chemicals or substances that are harmful to the body.

  • Ideal viscosity and degradation profile, remaining present at the install site for up to 21 days
  • Not animal-sourced

The PureRegen Gel Otol benefits

  • Complete degradation and elimination from the installation site
  • No need for painful removal
  • Adapts to any shape of the cavity and avoids ‘dead’ space
  • Mouldable delivery cannula to facilitate injection into the desired location

The PureRegen Gel Otol material properties

  • Proprietary technology enables the preservation of hyaluronan biological functions
  • Controlled degradation profile to act as a barrier during the critical tissue repair period
  • Adequate swelling and hydrophilic properties and adequate swelling to help minimise bleeding

The PureRegen Gel Otol indications

  • Tympanoplasty, Myringoplasty, Canalplasty


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