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PrimeSight Unity Sterile Cystoscopy

Intuitive all-in-one video platform for use with PrimeSight flexible cystoscopes

PrimeSight with EndoSheath technology is a sterile way to perform cystoscopies. It consists of a sterile, single use microbial protective barrier with an integrated working channel (EndoSheath), and a lumen-less, reusable cystoscope.

The PrimeSight UNITY system is the next-generation, all-in-one video processor for use with PrimeSight flexible cystoscopes (endoscopes). Providing exceptional endoscopic visualisation and convenience, the UNITY system includes a large 19” widescreen display, intuitive touchscreen and an impressive list of usability features designed for use in any setting.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Improved navigation and workflows
  • Easy image and video archiving
  • Multilingual support for on-screen displays and menus

Compact Versatility

  • Fold-down screen for easy storage
  • Use with PrimeSight cart or on any flat surface

Improved Image Quality

  • 19” screen
  • HD imaging


  • Password protection
  • File encryption


  • Support for LABORIE 5000 Series videoscopes
  • Compatible with multiple peripheral devices


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