PrimeSight Sterile Cystoscopy

Always Ready. Always Sterile.

The PrimeSight system incorporating EndoSheath technology is an innovative and sterile way to perform cystoscopies. Consisting of a sterile, single use microbial protective barrier with an integrated working channel (EndoSheath), and a lumen-less, reusable cystoscope, PrimeSight is the only system that offers the outmost protection between equipment and patient with minimal turnaround time for your procedures.

The PrimeSight advantage

  • Always sterile: EndoSheath technology incorporating an inbuilt working channel allows you to access sterile equipment at all times, while protecting the PrimeSight scope from patient contact.
  • Fast turnover: While conventional cystoscopes must undergo lengthy and cumbersome disinfection processes between cases, PrimeSight is never in contact with the patient and can be easily disinfected with an enzymatic and alcohol wipe onsite.
  • Lower capital expenses and repair costs: Reduced chemical exposure for equipment lowers service and repair expenses. Since PrimeSight does not need to undergo conventional disinfection processes, one PrimeSight scope can do the work of many conventional scopes.
  • More than 5 million procedures performed worldwide
  • 0 cross-contamination complaints


PrimeSight is the only flexible digital cystoscope that never comes into contact with the patient. Using PrimeSight with EndoSheath eliminates the need for high-level disinfection between every procedure, ensuring that you have a scope ready when you need it.


  • The digital cystoscope employs chip on the tip technology that integrates with the Cogentix Medical digital processing unit (DPU).
  • A unique flow-control valve integrated into the handle of the cystoscope allows for an easy, one-touch control for irrigation.
  • Outstanding image quality and integrated LED illumination eliminate the need for a separate light source.
  • The scope is easily cleaned and disinfected between procedures using an enzymatic and alcohol wipe.
  • Available in fibreoptic and video configurations.


The EndoSheath is a sterile, single-use, latex and phthalates-free microbial barrier featuring an integrated working channel. EndoSheath is designed to be used with PrimeSight flexible endoscopes creating a protective barrier between the patient and the scope, and eliminating the need for lengthy sterilisation procedures. This ensures staff have immediate access to sterile equipment when it is needed.

The working channel for irrigation, suction and instrument passage is built into the sheath, which fits snuggly on the scope, proving to block microorganisms as small as 27 nanometers in size.
EndoSheath disposables are available in two working channel diameters suitable for therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.


  • End-to-end endoscope protection shields the controls from contamination during the procedure.
  • The optically clear window at the tip of the sheath provides excellent visualisation and does not interfere with image quality.
  • Compatible with standard accessories such as biopsy forceps, needles, and other endoscopic devices.
  • EndoSheath can be quickly removed from the scope and discarded following normal facility procedures.
  • EndoSheath is a medical device that is FDA cleared and CE marked.


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