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More-Cell-Safe Morcellation Containment

Containment System for Power Morcellation

The first commercially available solution that demonstrates to significantly increase safety against cell spillage in power morcellation.¹

More-Cell-Safe presents a solution to laparoscopic operations, while conducting hysterectomies of large uteri and myomectomies, by encapsulating the process of power morcellation (in-bag morcellation) reducing the risk of cell spillage.

More-Cell-Safe is designed to reduce the risk of the dissemination of morcellated tissue around the peritoneal cavity, preventing morcellation complications, mainly spreading of unsuspected malignant tumors.

The More-Cell-Safe Advantage

  • Surgical technique remains the same (two access ports for power morcellation)
  • Dual access bag insufflated with CO² to create working space
  • View of surrounding tissue of abdominal cavity through transparent bag
  • Optic protection and cell-safe closing for uncontaminated bag removal


  • 2 Port Bag Design: Optic and power morcellator can both be inserted in the bag.
  • MCS-Bag: The bag can be used with various types of power morcellators.
  • Optic: The optic is protected by a special sleeve, Visi-Shield, to reduce contamination.

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1. Rimbach S. et al., 2015, A new in-bag system to reduce the risk of tissue morcellation, Arch Gynecol Obstet, DOI 10.1007/s00404-015-3788-9

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