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LABORIE Urocap Light

The LABORIE Urocap IV Light, with wireless technology, is a portable uroflowmeter that provides a non-invasive and accurate measurement of urinary voiding function. The system consists of a wireless uroflowmeter, a lightweight android device and various accessories to set up the system.

Recording begins automatically when the patient begins voiding and displays graphically on the Urocap IV Light (UDS Light) software application. When the patient stops voiding, the software prompts the user to print the study. All functions, from performing a study to calibration, are easy and streamlined through an intuitive user experience.

The LABORIE Urocap IV Light advantage

  • Urocap IV Light (UDS Light) Software: State-of-the-art UDS Light Software combines touch technology and streamlined workflow to enhance procedure simplicity. Helps accelerate procedures, reduces training burden and risk of error.
  • Urocap IV Light Hardware: Urocap IV Light Uroflowmeter is custom molded and water protected (IP54 – rated best in class) to help improve hygiene and simplify cleaning. Indicator lights provide connection status and battery level to help guide the user.
  • Wireless and Modular Design: Combination of battery power and Bluetooth technology eliminate power plugs and allow easy portability and setup flexibility.
  • Variable-Mounting Options: Universal mobile device mount is designed to accommodate different clinical environments. Mounting options include desktop, wall or IV pole.
  • Reporting: Clear and concise reports generate seamlessly following a uroflow study. Allows physician to quickly review flow particulars and helps to diagnose abnormalities in voiding patterns. Full-size, color reports provide permanent test records and greater clarity over thermal printouts.
  • Security: Universal mobile device mount provides security for your device from theft by locking it in place with screws. Optional device lock can be used to provide added security.


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