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Compact Wireless Urodynamics System

The LABORIE Goby is a compact, wireless, complete urodynamics system, with all the advanced features of a full-size wireless Urodynamics system in a compact form.

Completely wireless and modular components enable healthcare professionals to perform urodynamic tests reproducing real life scenarios when a patient leaks.

Goby is the smart choice for clinic use, allowing you to focus on the patient while enjoying true freedom of movement.

The LABORIE GOBY advantages

  • Powerful Built-in UDS Software: Meets the most demanding protocols for all ICS standardized tests.
  • Record up to 16 Data Channels: Fully wireless communication.
  • Advanced i-LIST® Integration: Seamless HL7 and EMR connectivity.
  • Multiple Upgrade Options Include: Ambulatory configuration for realistic physiological filling.
  • Easily Portable between Clinics: Complete system can be transported in a carry bag.

Mounting options

Endotherapeutics offers different mounting options to suit your practice.


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