KEEP LED Light Therapy System

Three wave LED frequency with one irradiation module

The protocols, clinically tested, combine three wavelengths (Blue, Red, Infrared) due to a single irradiation module. Compared to many systems which only offer single wave treatments and require separate heads, the KEEP system offers an easy-to-manage multi-wave treatment to optimise patient outcomes.

BLUE Wavelength: Antibacterial effect, normalises sebum levels, suitable for acne treatment.
RED Wavelength: Creation of new collagen and elastin, effective for antiaging treatments.
INFRARED Wavelength: Accelerates tissue and cell repair. Treatment of inflammatory conditions, discolouration, and skin irritation.

One system, multiple treatments

At each protocol, the KEEP system uses wavelengths in sequence during the same 20-minute session. KEEP treatments therefore are easy to apply (no need to change the irradiation module), and effectively stimulate different target cells present in different layers of the tissue.

Tuenda KEEP Before and Afters

The following treatments can be performed with KEEP:

  • ANTIAGING – prevention
  • ANTIAGING – intermediate level
  • ANTIAGING – severe level
  • IMPURE SKIN – moderate acne
  • IMPURE SKIN – severe acne
  • IMPURE SKIN – low sebum
  • IMPURE SKIN – high sebum
  • IMPURE SKIN – Dilated pores
  • Hair bulb stimulation

The KEEP advantage

  • Three wave LED frequency with one irradiation module
  • Dedicated exclusively to skin, neck, and upper chest treatment
  • Latest generation, medical standard LED lights
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No skin contact with the system
  • Pre-set protocols
  • Hands-off treatment
  • App/Tablet control
  • Compact design
  • A non-discriminatory system

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