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INSORB Absorbable Skin Stapler

Absorbable Skin Stapler – Plastics

INSORB is an absorbable, subdermal skin closure device, which combines the benefits and cosmetic results of sutures with the efficiency of a conventional stapler. INSORB is comprised of a co-polymer of polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid, which is absorbed over a period of a few months.

The INSORB advantage

Use INSORB to replace deep dermal sutures.

No percutaneous insult

INSORB staples are placed completely under the dermis.

Time saving

Wound closure with INSORB is approximately 7-fold faster than suturing.¹

Various indications

Suitable for abdominoplasty, mammaplasty – including breast reconstruction and breast lift – mastectomy, breast FLAP reconstruction, thigh lift, brachioplasty, closure of surgical pockets after electrophysiology procedures, and other plastic and reconstructive procedures.

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Thierry Bron, Gilbert Zakine. Aesthetic Surgery Journal (2015) DOI: 10.1093/asj/sjv224

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