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Huber 360 Evolution Neuro-Physical Training

Health, Sport, Fitness

With 33 years of expertise, LPG® continues to innovate and launches the Huber 360 Evolution. Specialised in osteo-articular and muscle rehabilitation, the Huber integrates unprecedented features and enlarges the span of its applications to better support daily activity.

Push the Boundaries with the New Huber 360 Evolution

A multitude of pre-programmed sessions:

  • HEALTH: rapid and independent patient rehabilitation
  • SPORT: discipline-specific training programs
  • FITNESS: short, high-intensity sessions

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The Huber Advantage

  • Early-stage mobilisation of injury.
  • Quick and targeted rehabilitation* thanks to the standing position that engages the entire joint and muscular chains (not in an isolated manner).
  • Fun and interactive interface and progression tracking.
  • Precise assessment of the patient’s health condition at both the beginning and the end of the programme thanks to the integrated functional assessment.

A Variety of Menus at Your Fingertip

Huber home screen

Functional Assessments

An integrated functional assessment designed for all types of patients to accurately evaluate their health and better monitor their physical rehabilitation. Consists of 7 reference tests: stability, single foot balance, walking, stability limits, mobility restriction, strength and coordination.

The 4 Movement Fundamentals

The Huber offers complete and intelligent training by breaking down the patient’s journey into the 4 movement fundamentals:

  1. Flexibility & mobility
  2. Dynamic strengthening
  3. Posture & balance
  4. Resistance

The Objective?

The main objective when training with the Huber is to maintain the posture indicated on the screen targets and counterbalance the motorised platforms movements. The combination of posture control, coordination, and movement allows for a full 360⁰ training approach.


* Scientific studies available for consultation on

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