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Grace Medical Ossicular Implants

For Quick and Effective Ossicular Reconstructive Surgery

ALTO Titanium

The ALTO Titanium range of ossicular prostheses are Grace Medical’s flagship products for total or partial ossicular reconstructive surgery. All ALTO prostheses are compatible with a unique, patented measuring device which allows for the ALTO to be easily measured, adjusted and trimmed for exact placement.

Eclipse Piston

The Eclipse Piston is a piston prostheses featuring an innovative design that gives predictability in size. Only part of the piston’s tip is made of thermo-sensitive nitinol allowing for accurate placement of the prostheses without shortening.

Triune Vent Tube

The Triune is a unique and innovative vent tube which features three soft, angled flanges which hold the ventilation tube perpendicular to the tympanic membrane. Furthermore the unique design is shown to have an ultra-low perforation rate of 2.6% compared to competitors with a perforation rate of 16.6% in 3,356 long term tubes.¹

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1. Kay DJ, Nelson MT, Rosenfeld RM. Meta-analysis of tympanostomy tube sequelae. Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery 1999; 124:374-380.

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