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Dornier Thulio® High Power Laser

Dornier Thulio is Dornier MedTech’s latest 100 W high power advanced thulium laser with RealPulse® technology. Experience 55% more control*¹ with Captive® mode, offering virtually no retropulsion for effective stone fragmentation. It is the one laser your stone and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatment needs.

*More control as a result of up to 55% less retropulsion compared to Ho:YAG

The Dornier Thulio Advantage

Powerful and compact laser

  • Offers 100 W with the smallest footprint*
  • Engineered lightweight and easy to move, with a standard wall plug

*among urology and stone / BPH treatment lasers with 100 W and above

Ergonomic and user-friendly display

  • Interact with easy-to-navigate interface supported by the large rotatable touchscreen
  • Toggle between pre-selected settings effortlessly with dual footswitch and splitscreen function

Smart, dual footswitch

  • Switch seamlessly from one pre-defined mode to another
  • Adjust parameter settings easily with the footswitch

The Secret of RealPulse®

Dornier reimagined Thulium laser technology by integrating features including – peak performance, versatility in clinical application and smart design.

By combining a Tm:YAG laser crystal with pulsed diode technology, RealPulse® was invented to offer the best of all worlds.

  • Reliable and precise
    Experience targeted and controlled laser applications with forward-looking pulsed Tm:YAG technology
  • Big in power, small in size
    With the unique alignment and control of the diodes, Dornier produced a powerful 100 W laser with drastically reduced size


  • 55% more control*¹ with CAPTIVE mode
  • 7X the PEAK POWER**² for enhanced stone fragmentation
  • 3X the SPEED*** – 300Hz frequency and excellent fine dusting capabilities³

*More control as a result of up to 55% less retropulsion compared to Ho:YAG
**Compared to TFL
***300 Hz vs. 100 Hz (Ho:YAG)

5 Pre-set Application Modes

Full flexibility and choice, with a large variety of laser settings for your treatment needs

  • Captive mode – Virtually no retropulsion for effective stone fragmentation
  • Dusting mode – Provides fine and fast dusting capabilities that disintegrate particles in 125 µm and smaller³
  • Fragmenting mode – Breaks all types of stones efficiently
  • Enucleation mode – Thulio’s RealPulse® technology enables anatomical endoscopic enucleation of the prostate
  • Soft Tissue mode – Achieves highest ranked coagulation performance****⁴ thanks to Tm:YAG specific water absorption

****Compared to Ho:YAG and TFL


Dornier laser fibres

Dornier Performance FlexFiber Collection

The Dornier Thulio’s fibre portfolio is built for ideal energy transmission and performance:

  • Single-use fibres to facilitate convenient handling and prevent cross-contamination
  • Re-usable fibres designed for reliability and durability
  • Sizes ranging from 270 slim μm to 1000 μm to suit your preferences and support you in every application


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