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CUTIS – Cutaneous Electroporation

Delivery of pulsed electrical fields to cutaneous tumours

The design of the CUTIS electrode used alongside ePORE® has taken into account that ease of use and adaptability are key depending on the location of treatment. The CUTIS electrode is delivered to the skin via a slider deployment which, when the cap of the electrode retracts, the electrode can effectively deliver the pulsed electric field to the tissue.

The Cutis and ePORE Advantage

  • Highly effective and delivers pulsed electrical fields
  • Ability to be delivered under local anaesthetic in an outpatient setting
  • Allows preservation of healthy tissue
  • High frequency electroporation with no muscular contraction
  • Minimal treatment time for the patient
  • Significant cost saving

ePORE Generator

Effectively delivers pulsed electrical fields to tissue for the purpose of cell membrane electroporation

The benefits of ePORE

  • Simple “plug and play” set up
  • Portable (17kg)
  • Touch screen interface
  • Standard generator for all electrodes

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