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A-Cysta-Cath Catheter Introducer

A-Cysta-Cath is an exclusive brand of Endotherapeutics. A-Cysta-Cath has been designed specifically to allow the introduction of a suprapubic catheter with minimal time and effort.

A-Cysta-Cath comes in two sizes:

  • 12 Fr – Box of 10
  • 16 Fr – Box of 10

A-Cysta-Cath Plus

Endotherapeutics is proud to present the A-Cysta-Cath Plus: The SupraCath two-way suprapubic catheter with matching A-Cysta-Cath introducer and scalpel, all in one convenient sterile pack.

The A-Cysta-Cath Plus comes in two kit sizes:

  • 18 Fr A-Cysta-Cath Plus Kit – Box of 10: 16 Fr A-Cysta-Cath + 18 Fr SupraCath + scalpel
  • 14 Fr A-Cysta-Cath Plus Kit – Box of 10: 12 Fr A-Cysta-Cath + 14 Fr SupraCath + scalpel


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