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Endotherapeutics is proud to announce its partnership with Montavit as the exclusive distributor and supplier of Cathejell in Australia and New Zealand.

The distributorship of Montavit Cathejell products has been transferred from KSJ Pharmatech and Interpharma to Endotherapeutics. Therefore, all requests for ongoing supply of Cathejell, clinical support, or any other product related enquiry, should be sent to Endotherapeutics directly.
Designed By Urologists For Optimal Lubrication 

Cathejell is an individually, sterile-packed lubricant gel perfectly suited for the operating theatre and the doctor’s office. Designed by Urologists to optimise patient outcomes and prevent urethral trauma. The accordion syringe permits an easy, single-handed application and allows for a controlled, smooth and gentle introduction of the lubricant gel, thoroughly lubricating the urethral wall. Cathejell’s unique features also allow for optimised sterile technique and aspiration of gel and urine.

Key benefits

  • Accordion design allows for slow, controlled introduction of lubricant to urethra, preventing spillage into the bladder and complete urethral lubrication
  • Single-hand-use design for aseptic technique and easier handling
  • High viscosity gel prevents leakage and ensures durable urethral lubrication
  • Steam sterilisation resulting in higher contents of active ingredients
  • Paraben and latex free

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If you have further queries about the transition, please do not hesitate to contact

Shirl Fankhauser, Business Unit Manager Urological Technologies,
Pam Zenner, Urology Consumables Business Development Manager,

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