VOX Implants

VOX is an injectable soft-tissue bulking agent for vocal cord rehabilitation to restore natural speech. By producing medial displacement to allow apposition by the normal vocal cord, VOX may be an ideal primary treatment for both unilateral laryngeal paralysis. The implant could also be a reasonable alternative to framework surgery when treating permanent vocal fold paralysis, with few contraindications and a very high patient satisfaction index.¹

The advantages over conventional therapy include¹:

  • Microlaryngoscopic product placement
  • Daycase procedure capability – Easy to perform
  • Minimally invasive - Does not require external incision
  • Fast patient recovery
  • Non-migratory
  • Long-lasting result
  • Fully rebated by private health funds

"Endoscopic injection of textured PDMS particles leads to permanent augmentation of human vocal fold volume."²

The implantation procedure creates a soft, permanent mucosal elevation.

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Reference Material


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