VICTO is an adjustable artificial urinary sphincter designed to treat severe male stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

VICTO Adjustable Artificial Urinary SphincterThe VICTO Advantage

  • Minimally Invasive Adjustment System: VICTO's adjustment system allows for unlimited easy-to-perform pressure variations to achieve the minimal pressure required for continence. Long term this system aims to reduce the risk of urethral atrophy.
  • Unique Pump Design: The VICTO pump is made of soft silicone, requiring only 2 pump strokes to operate.
  • Pre-Connected Device: VICTO comes in a sterile package, pre-connected and ready to be implanted.
  • Multiple Cuff Sizes: VICTO is available in four circular cuff sizes that are designed to securely fit around the urethra and prevent degradation of the cuff material.

VICTO is available in two configurations:

VICTO Adjustable Artificial Urinary Sphincter ImplantVICTO

This single, adjustable balloon configuration is the perfect fit for patients with:

  • An intact and functional pelvic floor
  • Healthy, undamaged urethral tissue

VICTO can be adjusted to the lowest pressure required to achieve continence, thereby minimising long-term urethral atrophy.


VICTO+ Adjustable Artificial Urinary Sphincter Implant

VICTO+ is suitable for patients with a severely damaged pelvic floor, who need additional pressure in the cuff to keep the urethra closed in stress situations.

  • Non-adjustable artificial urinary sphincters apply high and permanent occlusive pressures which increase the risk of urethral atrophy and complications.
  • VICTO+ can be adjusted to provide the lowest effective occlusive pressure whist the intra-abdominal balloon increases system pressures dynamically in stress situations to ensure patient’s remain continent.


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