Sutter Instruments for ENT

Calvian endo-pen®

Bipolar coagulation

Sutter Calvian endo-pen

  • Forceps jaws (horizontal): 45º angle tips
  • Duckbill (vertical): 15 º,  45º and 70 º angle tips
  • Handling similar to conventional microinstruments
  • Easy rotation
  • Perfect grip through soft-touch material
  • Improved manoeuvrability of the endoscope through slender shaft and handle. Connector keeps the cable out of the way
  • Re-usable and autoclavable
  • Comes with an instrument tray for safe cleaning and sterilisation

Calvian duckbill+®

Hemostasis in FESS and larynx surgerySutter Calvian Duckbill

  • Hemostasis and easy access to hard-to-reach areas and confined spaces
  • Insulated shaft and handle
  • Standard grasping forceps design
  • Models with or without suction available
  • Autoclavable

Non-Stick suction tubes

Hemostasis without stickingSutter non-stick suction tubes

  • Non-stick properties don’t degrade over time
  • Aspirates smoke and liquids
  • Less clogging and sufficient suction, even with small-size instruments
  • More precise operations without interruptions
  • Standard connector fits all commonly known units - No change of work routine
  • Autoclavable

ARROWtip® monopolar electrodes


  • Ultra-sharp tip for clean and precise dissection of tissue
  • Heat-resistant alloy maintains tip sharpness
  • High-performance insulation prevents unwanted tissue trauma

Monopolar Electrodes

  • Re-usable electrodes in different shaft sizes

  • Washable up to 95°
  • Autoclavalable up to 134°
  • Safe and easy handling
  • High-performance insulation prevents unwanted tissue trauma

Bipolar Forceps

  • Ergonomic handle for precise and effortless working
  • Good grip of the instrument and easy cleaning
  • Standard connector for all commonly used generator types
  • Autoclavable

classic micro

  • Ideal for precise dissection
  • Guide-Stop™ Guides the tines of the instrument and keeps the tips aligned. Pre-tension of the instrument aids outward dissection

selectal macro

  • Safe and precise grasping and manipulating of tissue
  • Excellent sealing of vessels
  • selectal® for improved non-stick quality multifunctional use of bipolar forceps possible
  • Atraumatic structure

Bipolar Suction Forceps

  • No change of instruments needed to use suction function, surgical site stays clean and clear
  • Extraction of blood and debris by suction right before coagulation to avoid 'blind' coagulation
  • Extraction of smoke while coagulating
  • Atraumatically rounded tip
  • Guide-Stop™ ensures the tines match precisely at the tips and for pre-tension, which is important when using the forceps for dissection suction control
  • Suction connector matches different suction tube diameters and all OR suction devices / Luer Lock

Bipolar Irrigation Forceps

  • Irrigation exactly applied where needed
  • Ensures that the surgical field of vision stays clean and clear – without interruptions
  • The administration of irrigation fluid minimises the danger of tissue dessication, even during coagulation, and reduces tissue sticking
  • Irrigation delivered directly to the tips
  • No disassembly prior to cleaning
  • Guide-Stop™ Guides the tines of the instrument and keeps the tips aligned. Pre-tension of the instrument aids outward dissection
  • No special tubes or pumps are needed for irrigation / Luer-Lock


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