Sutter CURIS

Sutter CURIS RFThe CURIS® radiofrequency generator with tissue impedance control offers ultra-high frequency leading to lower tissue impedance, allowing incision and coagulation at lower power settings resulting in less thermal damage. The higher the frequency, the less the resistance of biological tissue to electromagnetic fields – up to the point where the cell membranes are capacitively coupled. The electromagnetic fields are active in the tissue cells and not, as is the case with conventional electrosurgical units, between the cells. As a result, energy is administered gently and highly focused.

Conventional electrosurgical unitsConventional electrosurgical unitsCURISR 4 MHzCURISR 4 MHz









Highly-focussed, yet gentle coagulation with minimal thermal damage is possible. Radiofrequency energy is delivered in small packages of about 50 per second. Due to the pulsed power output, there are very short breaks between the individual packages. The tissue has the time to absorb and distribute the energy and will generally be less traumatised.


AutoRF is the main control feature of the CURIS. It responds to tissue impedance in all modes and controls, and adjusts the power output according to tissue resistance. AutoRF will tailor the energy output (if need be even cut off or drive to the chosen maximum) in order to ensure reproducible surgical results while cutting or coagulating.


Histological evaluations in peer-reviewed journal articles confirm that CURIS RF-induced incisions create signifi cantly less thermal damage and that wound healing is faster.¹


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Sutter Skull-Based Surgery Instruments

Calvian endo-pen®

Bipolar coagulation

Sutter Calvian endo-pen

  • Forceps jaws (horizontal): 45º angle tips
  • Duckbill (vertical): 15 º,  45º and 70 º angle tips
  • Handling similar to conventional microinstruments
  • Easy rotation
  • Perfect grip through soft-touch material
  • Improved manoeuvrability of the endoscope through slender shaft and handle. Connector keeps the cable out of the way
  • Re-usable and autoclavable
  • Comes with an instrument tray for safe cleaning and sterilisation

Calvian duckbill+®

Hemostasis in endoscopic skull-base surgerySutter Calvian Duckbill

  • Hemostasis and easy access to hard-to-reach areas and confined spaces
  • Insulated shaft and handle
  • Standard grasping forceps design
  • Models with or without suction available
  • Autoclavable

Non-Stick suction tubes

Hemostasis without stickingSutter non-stick suction tubes

  • Non-stick properties don’t degrade over time
  • Aspirates smoke and liquids
  • Less clogging and sufficient suction, even with small-size instruments
  • More precise operations without interruptions
  • Standard connector fits all commonly known units - No change of work routine
  • Autoclavable

ARROWtip® monopolar electrodes


  • Ultra-sharp tip for clean and precise dissection of tissue
  • Heat-resistant alloy maintains tip sharpness
  • High-performance insulation prevents unwanted tissue trauma

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1. G. Mühlfay, K.U. Horvath, et al. A study on the type of lesions achieved by three electrosurgical methods and their way of healing Journal: Romanian Journal ofMorphology & Embryology 2015, 54(4): 1383-1388.