SerenoCem Ear Cement

SerenoCem cement has been designed specifically for use in the middle ear. It comprises of a calcium fluoro-silicate base with which is combined with polyacrylic acid to form a glass polyalkenoate cement.

The resulting compound

  • Is non-exothermic
  • Bonds to both bone and metal
  • Features minimal shrinkage
  • Is mouldable on placement
  • Can be drilled like bone when set
  • Has high compressive strength
  • Features excellent acoustic properties

SerenoCem can be used for:

  • Repair of ossicular discontinuity
  • Reconstruction of the canal wall
  • Repair of attic and scutum defects
  • Primary and revision of stapedectomy
  • Fixation of ossicular prostheses
  • Cochlear implant electrode fixation


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Please Note: SerenoCem Granules are not available for sale.