PureRegen is an injectable dressing gel used after FESS Surgery to improve mucous healing. PureRegen is formulated from crosslinked hyaluronic acid, purely from bacterial fermentation and contains no animal components.

Controlled Degradation Profile

The PureRegen degradation profile matches the critical repair period, especially the inflammatory processes after surgery, providing an effective barrier between the mucosal surfaces to prevent adhesion. PureRegen dissolves in 14 days, eliminating the need for pailful packing removal and secondary damage to fresh mucous. (1,2)



  • Promotes functional healing: Stops minor bleeding and facilitates remucosalisation.
  • Expands after plantation: Conforms to nasal cavity leaving no dead space.
  • Degrades in 2 weeks: Eliminates painful removal and avoids secondary damage to regenerated mucous.
  • Biocompatible: Non-animal components, no xenogetic material, no toxic residual.
  • Ready to use in syringe: With mouldable cannula. No need to pre-mix.
  • Stored at room temperature.


Proven Results

Prospective, randomised, controlled multiple centre clinical studies (level 1) in China and the USA demonstrated that PureRegen Gel resulted in less adhesion, better remucosalisation, and reduced edema and crust than the control group. (3,4,5)

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