Cooper Surgical Pipelle Endometrial SamplingThe Most Widely Recognised Name in Endometrial Sampling

Pipelle's intuitive design provides consistency of sample collection every time. The procedure takes less than a minute to perform and produces little if any post-procedure bleeding or patient discomfort.

Curette flexibility has been optimised to facilitate adaptation to normal uterine curvature, thus promoting contact with the wall for safe, improved sample collection.


The Pipelle Advantage

  • 3.1 mm O.D. and flexibility allows for ease of insertion into most uteri
  • Internal piston creates a vacuum for sample collection without any sharp or painful edges
  • Procedure comfortably performed in as little as 30 seconds following basic patient preparation
  • Completely self-contained with no noisy pump or clumsy syringes
  • In most cases, the Pipelle can be inserted without the need for dilation


Cooper Surgical Pipelle Endometrial Sampling ProcedureAbout the Procedure

  • In the uterine cavity, create a vacuum in the Pipelle by manually retracting the internal piston.
  • Collect the sample by simply rotating the device constantly between your fingers, slowly passing the Pipelle several times between the fundus and the internal os.
  • The Pipelle achieves optimum uterine wall contact and maximum tissue yield.


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