A revolution in bone surgery

Mectron Piezosurgery is a state-of-the-art ultrasonic bone dissector. Piezosurgery’s technology utilises micro-vibrations which allow for intricate bone dissection in confined anatomy, yielding significant benefits in various applications.

Surgeon Benefits

  • Selective Cut: The micro-vibrations generate an effective cutting action on mineralised tissue, reducing the risk of soft tissue damage (dura, nerves and vessels).¹
  • Micrometric Cut: The micro-vibrations allow perfect control of the cutting action (5), resulting in very precise, small bone incisions and minimal bone loss (4).
  • Cavitation Effect: The micro-vibrations generate a cold cut causing no thermal injury to the bone, reducing the risk of bone necrosis and providing a blood-free surgical site.²
  • Single-use surgical inserts: A new dissection tip guarantees a precise cut every time.


Patient Benefits

  • Bone Healing: The micro-vibrations reduce inflammatory cells on the bone and promote osteoblast production, resulting in faster bone healing.²
  • Soft-Tissue Healing: Protecting the integrity of soft tissues during surgery reduces postoperative swelling and discomfort.³

Piezosurgical, piezoelectric, ultrasonic, micro-vibrations, EES, ear surgery, endoscopic ear, otologyThe System

Piezosurgery flex

Piezosurgery flex provides control, precision and ease of use. The system comprises of a generator, a handpiece and the single-use surgical inserts.

Piezosurgery flex is the perfect start into a new era of bone surgery.


Piezosurgery plus

Piezosurgery plus provides additional power and state-of-the-art electronics that cover a wider range of applications, allowing for a faster procedure in less delicate areas.




Specialised surgical inserts

Please find here the full catalogue of single-use surgical tips.


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Reference Material


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