Ovesco OTSC


The OTSC (Over-The-Scope-Clip) system is a new class of endoscopic clips providing significantly more strength and better tissue capture compared to conventional clips delivered through the working channel of the flexible endoscope.

The primary applications include the following:

  • Acute bleeding
  • Full Thickness wall closures
  • Compression as well as approximation of tissue
  • Management of complications after endoscopic or surgical interventions (e.g. fistula, anastomotic bleeding or anastomotic leakage)



OTSC is now available in a smaller version

The mini OTSC novel compact design provides the same trusted treatment approaches to smaller lumens and hard-to-reach lesions in the GI tract.

Specifically Designed for Haemostasis

Ovesco products are intended for use in flexible endoscopic procedures in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. Procedures include the use of OTSC for tissue compression for hemostasis and for the closure of wall lesion.

The OTSC Clip

The exceptional properties and therapeutic functions of the OTSC® clip are based on its special materials and design. The super elastic Nitinol® is biocompatible and if necessary, even suited to be applied as a long term implant. In general the OTSC Clip will be displaced from the site of application before 12 weeks.

The teeth of the OTSC clip are spaced wide enough to allow for microperfusion of blood to the tissue, ensuring tissue healing.

Proven Effectiveness

Ovesco OTSC as First-Line Treatment: FLETRock Study

The latest evidence shows that the use of Ovesco OTSC as a first-line endoscopic treatment for high-risk GI bleeds results in a primary haemostasis success rate of 92.4%. The study found that the OTSC overcomes limitations of standard clips and achieves a more efficient and reliable hemostasis in non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding (NVUGIB). Read the complete abstract of the FLETRock study.

Ovesco OTSC Compared to Standard Therapy: STING Trial

The STING trial is the only RCT designed to provide level II evidence of conventional therapy and Ovesco OTSC efficacy in treating high-risk GI bleeds.

For high-risk GI bleeds, the STING trial shows that Ovesco OTSC achieves a primary haemostasis rate of 93.8% compared to 56.3% for standard therapy (TTS clips, adrenaline injections, coagulation). Read the STING trial report from the DGE-BV Conference.

Easy Set-up


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