• Visit us at the USANZ Section Meetings

    5 October, 2018

    Endotherapeutics is proudly supporting USANZ at the section meetings in each state. We will start our urology tour in Bunker Bay (WA) this week, making our way to Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Hunter Valley (NSW).

    Visit us at our booth to speak with our Product Specialists about our innovative male incontinence solutions.

    Macroplastique is an injectable soft-tissue bulking agent indicated for men with mild SUI, or when non-surgical treatments were ineffective. Macroplastique has a documented long-term success rate of up to 80% with 5 years follow up.¹

    ATOMS for all levels of SUIATOMS, the Adjustable, Trans-obturator Male System is a post-operatively adjustable hydraulic incontinence device suitable for men with all degrees of incontinence. The ATOMS has long-term data demonstrating efficacy in the treatment of male SUI following invasive prostate treatment. An international multi-centre retrospective study of 287 men implanted with ATOMS with a median follow up of 31 months show an overall success rate of 90% and dry rate of 64% after 3 post-op adjustments.²

    Urgent PC PTNS for OABIn the May federal budget, the government confirmed that PTNS services will be included on the MBS from 1 November 2018. This is exciting news, as you will now be able to cost-effectively offer Urgent PC PTNS treatment to your OAB patients.

    Urgent PC is a minimally invasive treatment, easily administered in your rooms. Studies show up to 80% patient response in men and women.³

    At our booth you will also see the PrimeSight cystoscopy system with EndoSheath microbial barrier, and Memokath thermo-expandable, long-term removable stent for urinary tract obstructions.