• Visit our Booth at AGES ASM 2019

    5 March, 2019

    Endotherapeutics will be exhibiting at the the AGES ASM, taking place at the Crown Towers in Perth from 7-9 March 2019.

    Visit us at booth 6 to speak with our Product Specialists about our innovative gynaecology portfolio.

    PTNS (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation) for the treatment of idiopathic OAB is now funded by the Medicare Benefits Schedule

    Urgent PC PTNS Neuromodulation for OABThis is exciting news, as you will be able to cost-effectively offer Urgent PC PTNS treatment to your OAB patients.

    Urgent PC is minimally invasive, easily administered in your rooms. Studies show up to 80% patient response in men and women
    ¹. The treatment is also well-tolerated by patients².

    Comprehensive laparoscopic solutions

    Endotherapeutics is the exclusive distributor of Cooper Surgical uterine manipulators - The most versatile uterine manipulation range in the market. The manipulators incorporate the unique Koh-Efficient cup, which creates a margin of safety preserving the uterosacral ligaments and displacing the ureters.

    Complement your laparoscopic procedures with the More-Cell-Safe containment system for power morcellation and CT CloseSure for the rapid and efficient closure of port sites.

    See office hysteroscopy

    The EndoSee is an innovative way to perform in-office diagnostic hysteroscopies. EndoSee comprises of a reusable, cordless handset and a single-use cannula, which means you can set the system up in any room at any time.

    EndoSee allows you to incorporate an endometrial biopsy in the same visit, assisting to diagnose uterine focal pathology more accurately than endometrial biopsy alone.³

    EndoSee vs Blind Biopsy

    We look forward to discussing with you how these new products can complement your practice.

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