• LABORIE PrimeSight Sent to Madagascar to Aid Australian Doctors for Africa

    20 November, 2018

    Endotherapeutics prides itself on the support we provide to our community, including Australian healthcare professionals travelling overseas to help those in need.

    Dr Lydia Johns Putra has returned from her most recent trip to Madagascar through her work with Australian Doctors for Africa (ADFA). The ADFA engages hundreds of medical professionals with extraordinary passion and commitment to treat the sick, disabled and most vulnerable residents in African countries.

    “It was a really productive trip. We did 10 flexible cystoscopy procedures thanks to the loan PrimeSight and donated EndoSheaths. Two of those procedures enabled us to treat urethral strictures in men who presented with longstanding urinary retention, enabling them to void, which was a good success”, shared with us Dr Johns Putra.

    Alongside a team of specialists, Dr Johns Putra has previously treated men with urinary strictures, bleeding and stones with the LABORIE PrimeSight sterile cystoscopy system.

    “Once again, thank you so much to Endotherapeutics for the generous donation. It has really made a difference to the work we can do”.

    For more information on how we can support your organisation to improve healthcare, contact us at info@endotherapeutics.com.au