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neoLaser Endovenus Laser Ablation EVLA for Varicose VeinsneoLaser is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of medical surgical laser systems, with clinical applications in EVLA, Proctology, PLDD & ENT.

Anal Fistulas and Pilondal Sinus Disease

The neoLaser neoV1470 diode laser system and radial-firing CORONA Fistula Probe provide a minimally invasive, sphincter-sparing treatment solution optimised for the management of anal fistulas and pilonidal sinus.

The neoV1470 Advantage

  • Optimal Wavelength: The neoV1470 delivers localised laser energy, which thermally ablates and occludes the abnormal pathway. This precise use of energy results in less collateral thermal damage beyond the fistula and sinus wall.¹ ²
  • neoLaser Endovenus Laser Ablation EVLA for Varicose VeinsOptimal Energy Delivery: The CORONA Fistula Probe is designed specifically to treat a fistula tract or pilonidal sinus. The 360º radial-firing laser probe distributes energy circumferentially directly to the epithelised tissue. This ensures homogenous thermal destruction of the tract, resulting in successful long-term occlusion rates.¹ ²
  • Presets: All neoV systems come with presets that can be tailored to each clinicians preference, and patient specific parameters. Markings down the length of the fibre ensure uniform delivery of energy, improving surgical control.
  • Efficiency: The system incorporates a high-quality touch screen and patented laser cooling system that delivers maximum user efficiency even under the most challenging clinical situations.
  • Portability: neoV is one of the most compact systems in the market weighing only 3.5 kg. neoV can be transported to multiple operating theatres.

A Patient Centric Approach

Studies suggest that the precise delivery of energy leads to lower complication rates, minimises the risk of long-term incontinence, and allows patients an early return to daily life.¹ ²


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