Mediplast ENT Disposables

The Mediplast ENT products are the leading single use choice. Doctors all over the world prefer the Mediplast products for numerous reasons:

New! Otology Suction Sets

Now the Mediplast otology disposable instruments come in ready packed and sterile sets. These convenient kits provide all the items necessary for the following otology procedures:

  • - Middle ear surgery
  • - Mastoidectomy
  • - Stapedectomy

The Mediplast otology kits also come in different suction tip sizes for other procedures.

Guaranteed clean and sterile

It is time consuming and difficult to clean reusable suction instruments. There is a trend worldwide to use single use instruments in healthcare in order to improve quality control and avoid cross-contamination.

Cost efficient

The "real" price of a reusable instrument is the cost of cleaning and resterilising. This is often higher than the cost of a Mediplast disposable product.


Specially designed for ENT examination and surgery

Mediplast metal and plastic suction tips are designed in close collaboration with ENT doctors. Important features such as the angle of the suction tip, which enable the doctor to have an unimpeded view through a microscope, and the suction control handle connector that facilitates quick change of suction tips during surgery, were all the result of ensuring the needs of an ENT specialist were met.


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