Innovex Ureteroscope

Innovex is a high-resolution digital flexible ureteroscope consisting of a single-use flexible scope and reusable DPU.

Innovex single-use flexible ureteroscope

The Innovex Advantage

  • High-resolution with 160K pixels
  • 275 deflection in both directions to access lower pole stones
  • 110 field of view and 3 mm - 100 mm depth of view
  • Fits through a 10 Fr access sheath for improved irrigation and lower
    renal pressure
  • Fast, easy setup - Integrates into existing theatre equipment and DPU has small footprint
  • Multiple outputs - HDMI, DVI and USB. Compatible with Mac and PC

Innovex High-Resolution 160K Pixel Ureteroscope

High-quality Image

Auto focus, white balance and adaptive LED light control functions guarantee clear and sharp images during lithotripsy.

Innovex single-use ureteroscope 275 deflection up and down

Easy Maneuverability

275 up and down deflection and precise tip motion facilitates navigation.

See below the set-up video and live image quality during ureteroscopy.

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