ALTON Endoscopy Disposables

Sterile, single-use snares, grasping forceps, and biopsy forceps for bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, and gastroscopy.

A.M.I. Gastric Band Cutter and Wires

A.M.I. offers the only endoscopic gastric band cutter and wires, providing a simple and cost effective solution for gastric band removal.

ELLA CS Stents

Self-expanding oesophageal nitinol and silicone stents.

Ovesco BougieCap

Over the scope cap for the dilation of strictures in the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Ovesco FTRD Device

Full-Thickness Resection Device for flexible endoscopy.

Ovesco OTSC Device

Over-the-Scope-Clipping system for flexible endoscopy.

Ovesco remOVE Device

For the removal of OTSC and FTRD clips.

SX-ELLA Biodegradable Stent

Self-expanding oesophageal biodegradable stent.


Reflux monitoring system.