ALTON Endoscopy Disposables

Sterile, single-use snares, grasping forceps, and biopsy forceps for bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, and gastroscopy.

A.M.I. Gastric Band Cutter and Wires

A.M.I. offers the only endoscopic gastric band cutter and wires, providing a simple and cost effective solution for gastric band removal.

ELLA CS Stents

Self-expanding oesophageal nitinol and silicone stents.

Ovesco AWC

Additional working channel for flexible endoscopy for the simultaneous use of two instruments.

Ovesco BougieCap

Over the scope cap for the dilation of strictures in the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Ovesco FTRD Device

Full-Thickness Resection Device for flexible endoscopy.

Ovesco OTSC Device

Over-the-Scope-Clipping system for flexible endoscopy.

Ovesco remOVE Device

For the removal of OTSC and FTRD clips.

SX-ELLA Biodegradable Stent

Self-expanding oesophageal biodegradable stent.


Reflux monitoring system.