FiXcision enables the circumferential removal of tissue in the fistula tract to treat simple anal fistulae. The excision of the fistula epithelium is possible for fistulae with a length up to 5 cm.

The treatment is performed in 3 simple steps:

1. Probing the fistula tract.

2. Compressing the affected tissue using the guide.

3. Removing the complete circumference of the fistula tract, cutting alongside the guide.

FiXcision comes in a complete, sterile set:

  • Probe: Locates the fistula tract and enables the subsequent insertion of the guide.
  • Guide: Compresses the tissue around the fistula tract and controls the circular blade.
  • Base plate: Provides resistance to ensure the complete transection of the fistula tissue at the end of the fistula canal.
  • Circular blade: Enables precise and consistent circumferential cutting of the fistula.

You may want to consider the Comfort Drain for long-term fistula drainage and the Ovesco OTSC Proctology Device for the internal fistula closure.


For further information about FiXcision and our complete fistula treatment solution, please contact us here.


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