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Treat multiple sinuses and Eustachian tubes with a single, multi-functional device.

The XprESS LoProfile dilation system from Entellus Medical practically combines multiple functions in a single, less invasive device designed for dilation procedures. Dilation remodels the bony sinus outflow tract by displacement of adjacent bone and paranasal sinus structures, potentially reducing the amount of tissue loss as compared to traditional FESS procedures.


  • Malleable tip can be quickly reshaped for treating frontal, sphenoid or maxillary sinuses and Eustachian tubes
  • Multiple balloon sizes are optimised for precise placement and treatment
  • Compatible with multiple confirmation techniques including PathAssist™ LED Light Fiber™ and direct visualisation

Proven Benefits¹

In a meta-analysis of patient level data from 6 key standalone balloon sinus dilation studies in 38 centres demonstrated excellent clinical outcomes.


  • 97.5% technical success rate
  • 1.4% rate of revision surgery for balloon sinus dilation patients in 12 months
  • Can be performed at doctor’s rooms

Patient experience

  • 1.4 days mean recovery time
  • Limited post-operative bleeding, need for pain medications, and debridements
  • 3-4 times less homebound days and antibiotic courses one year after treatment

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You may consider using the Cyclone simultaneous suction and irrigation to complement your treatment.


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