Entellus Cyclone

Simultaneous suction and irrigation for easy, comfortable saline irrigation

The Cyclone sinonasal suction and irrigation system provides simultaneous suction and saline irrigation in one single-handed instrument. Its unique dual-action system is designed to suction more than it irrigates, minimising pooling and drainage of effluent to improve your patients' comfort.


  • 1 Device: A single device provides simultaneous suction and saline irrigation. Reshape the tip to fit all of an individual patient’s appropriate sinuses.
  • 1 Hand: Single-handed placement makes the Cyclone system easy to use.
  • 1 Package: All the components you need come in a single, sterile package.


For further information about the Entellus Cyclone or to arrange a visit by one of our product specialists, please contact us here.

You may consider using the Cyclone with the XpreESS balloon dilation system to treat multiple sinuses and Eustachian tubes.


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