Ear, Nose and Throat


High-resolution 4-phase rhinomanometry.

Grace Medical Ossicular Prostheses

Endotherapeutics is now the exclusive distributor of the full line of Grace Medical Ossicular Prostheses.

Lone Star Retractor System

Self-retaining retractor rings and stays for exceptional surgical visibility and access.

Mediplast ENT Disposables

Mediplast currently offers a  high-quality range of sterile disposable instruments for ENT surgery.


Ultrasonic bone dissector for endoscopic ear surgery.


Self-crosslinked hyaluronic acid gel dressing for FESS Surgery.

Sutter CURIS

Microsurgical 4MHz radiofrequency generator for ENT surgery.

Sutter Instruments for ENT

Monopolar electrodes, bipolar forceps, bipolar coagulation, hemostasis for ENT surgery.

Sutter RaVoR

Radiofrequency volume reduction bipolar electrodes.

VOX Implants

Injectable soft-tissue bulking agent for vocal cord rehabilitation.