Diagnostic hysteroscopy from setup to clean up in less than 30 minutes*

EndoSee is an innovative way to perform in-office diagnostic hysteroscopies for the evaluation of abdominal uterine bleeding. The system simply gives you direct visualisation into the endometrial cavity at point of care to obtain a diagnosis quicker.

The System

EndoSee comprises of a reusable handset featuring a 3.5-inch touch screen, and a single-use cannula which incorporates a new camera and light source in every hysteroscopy.

The EnsoSee Advantage

  • Sterile and always clear: Single-use, thin (<5 mm), flexible cannula with camera and light source provides excellent visualisation and no degradation in image quality.
  • Efficient: The diagnostic hysteroscopy can be completed in minutes and the handset can be easily cleaned with alcohol wipes, allowing for a fast turnover.
  • Portable: Handheld, cordless system is quick to set up in any room at any time.
  • Easy to use: EndoSee compliments your current practise and requires minimal training.
  • Simple: Comes with a dock to charge the battery and allows for data transfer via USB.

EndoSee allows you to incorporate an endometrial biopsy in the same visit, assisting to diagnose  uterine focal pathology more accurately than endometrial biopsy alone.¹

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Reference material


*EndoSee case statistics 106 cases/42 doctors
1. Garcia A. OBG Manage . 2013;25:44-48.