ELLA CS Stents

Ella Danis Stent - For the Acute Treatment of Oesophageal Varices

The Ella Danis Stent is the first self expanding nitinol stent option for the treatment of acute bleeding from oesophageal varices.

The Danis Stent achieves Haemostasis through sustained compression of the varices. The Ella Extractor Kit enables removal of the Danis stent after 7 days.


Ella HV Stent - Self-Expanding Silicon Coated Nitinol Stent

The Ella HV Stent Plus is designed for the treatment of malignant oesophageal strictures, occlusion of oesophago-respiratory fistulas and benign strictures.

An anti–migration collar is fitted proximally on the stent to reduce migration rates. 

The HV Stent Plus offers excellent flexibility to conform anatomically and is compatible with the Ella Extractor Kit for stent removal.


ELLA Extractor

This unique device allows for the safe extraction of ELLA Oesophageal stents, under combined endoscopic – fluoroscopic guidance. The stent is compressed into the overtube and removed without any contact with the esophageal mucosa.



ELLA CS has a full range of stents suitable for indications along the full GI tract, for more informtion please contact us here.

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