Corporate Profile


ENDO - is derived from the Greek work ENDON. It is a prefix  which indicates "within'' or "inner".

THERAPEUTICS - in the context of healthcare, is the branch of medicine that specifically deals with the treatment of disease.

Endotherapeutics is a specialist medical device distributor who successfully registers, markets and supplies a core product portfolio of market leading products which effectively treat disease states within the body.


Endotherapeutics - An Overview

Endotherapeutics was founded in 1999 by Ivan Srejber. Since its inception Endotherapeutics has gained a reputation for being a leading specialist medical device distributor of prostheses and consumables.

Endotherapeutics has the ability to successfully register new medical products with the Therapeutics Goods Administration and the Department of Health, market them with a team of highly trained product specialists and drive the adoption of medical technology where previous market share may have been minimal or non-existent.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to work with Endotherapeutics in the Australian market please contact us.