Comfort Drain

Comfort Drain is a long-term draining system for treatment of inter, trans and supra sphincteric fistulas.

Surgeon Benefits

Comfort Drain is simple to use. The system comes in a sterile set fully pre-assembled, containing a flexible metal probe, silicone drain and polypropylene knot-free closure designed to make a fully- closed ring. This serves to promote fibrosis in the fistula tract, providing a safe means of preparation for subsequent fistula surgery.

Patient Benefits

Due to its discrete design, the miniaturisation of the silicon drain and the absence of extra sutures and knots, patients enjoy less inflammatory skin irritation and more comfort, especially when seated.

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Comfort Drain Grasper for the Treatment of Anorectal FistulasNew!

To facilitate the closure of the Comfort Drain, the Comfort Drain Grasper is a helpful instrument specifically designed to connect the polypropylene closure with the cut / trimmed drain during the implantation of a Comfort Drain. The Comfort Drain Grasper is now available from Endotherapeutics.


You may also consider FiXcision for the precise treatment of fistulae and the OTSC Proctology Device for fistula closure.


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