Advincula Delineator

The Advincula Delineator provides advanced uterine manipulation with exceptional strength and performance in an easy-to-use, disposable system.

Advincula Delineator Uterine Manipulation


  • Efficient: Comes fully assembled, integrating the colpotomiser and manipulator, reducing setup time and surgical delays.
  • Practical: Integrated pneumo-occlusion balloon prevents loss of pneumo during colpotomy.
  • Easy to use: The handle is ergonomically designed, and the position lock simplifies the insertion/locking process displaying the uterine depth.
  • Designed for safety: The Koh-Efficient cup creates a margin of safety, preserving the uterosacral ligaments and displacing the ureters.
  • Suitable for TLH, LSH and LAVH

The Advincula Delineator is available in three cup sizes to accommodate varied anatomy. The cups are constructed with Ultem resin or stainless-steel.

You may also consider the More-Cell-Safe morcellation containment system to reduce the risk of cell spillage.


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