A-Cysta-Cath - Suprapubic Catheter Introducer

A-Cysta-Cath™ is exclusive to Endotherapeutics Urology and Home Health in Australia. The A-Cysta-Cath has been designed specifically to allow for the introduction of a suprapubic catheter with minimal time and effort.

Endotherapeutics A-Cysta-Cath

A-Cysta-Cath comes in two sizes:

  • 12 Fr – Box of 10
  • 16 Fr – Box of 10


A-Cysta-Cath Plus

Endotherapeutics is proud to present the A-Cysta-Cath Plus™: The SupraCath™ two-way suprapubic catheter with matching A-Cysta-Cath™ introducer and scalpel, all in the convenience of one pack.

The A-Cysta-Cath Plus comes in two kit sizes:

  • 18 Fr A-Cysta-Cath Plus Kit – Box of 10: 16 Fr A-Cysta-Cath + 18 Fr SupraCath + scalpel
  • 14 Fr A-Cysta-Cath Plus Kit – Box of 10: 12 Fr A-Cysta-Cath + 14 Fr SupraCath + scalpel

For further information about A-Cysta-Cath and A-Cysta-Cath Plus or to arrange a visit by one of our product specialists, please contact us here.