Urethral Catheterisation Device

The UCD is a simple yet effective catheterisation device designed to solve difficult urethral catheterisation.

A non-traumatic hydrophilic Nitinol guide wire is integrated into a standard urethral 3-way catheter design providing a ready-to-use medical device. The result is successful catheterisation and undisrupted patient care, avoiding the medical emergency of ‘failed urethral catheterisation’.

Urethrotech Urethral Catheterisation Device

Safe Urethral Catheterisation

Difficult male urethral catheterisation is not an infrequent problem and injuries are expensive:

  • 4% occur in cardiovascular surgery.
  • 6% of ALL urological referrals over 1 year in one teaching hospital
  • 0.7/1000 adult male hospital admissions
  • 32% of men sustained significant urethral injury
  • Additional cost of $371,790.00 in just two UK hospitals over a 6 month study period. [1-5]

Safe Catheter Insertion

The non-traumatic guide wire forms one unit with the catheter and is inserted into the bladder first, bypassing enlarged prostate lobes.

Universally Suitable

The UCD has a 5-year shelf life and is suitable for any clinical environment and for every healthcare professional who normally performs urethral catheterization. Avoidance of more invasive specialist procedures and hospital admissions.

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