LABORIE Urodynamics Accessories

Endotherapeutics holds the complete range of LABORIE accessories for urodynamics.


T-DOC Air-Charged Urodynamics Catheters

LABORIE T DOc air charged urodynamics catheters

T-DOC Air-Charged disposable catheters use tiny pressure-sensing air balloons to assess internal pressures. Barely larger than the diameter of the catheter itself, these balloons offer circumferential pressures for a clear and complete set of data for diagnosis.

Faster and simpler to set up than any other technology, T-DOC Air-Charged Catheters are also less sensitive to patient movement. All of this means less time per procedure, less time in set-up and clean up, and less staff training required, which means more patients may be seen in less time. In addition, by eliminating the need to irrigate the patient with large quantities of water, disposable T-DOC catheters also improve patient comfort.

Fluid-Filled Urodynamics Catheters

LABORIE fluid filled urodynamics catheters

LABORIE has a complete range of standard and specialised fluid-filled catheters designed with optimised flexibility to ensure patient comfort during catheterisation. The range includes catheters for abdominal pressure, pressure flow, urethral pressure profile, paediatric, filling, bladder pressure, and pressure filling.

injeTAK Cystoscopy Needles

LABORIE injeTAK Cystoscopy Needle Urodynamics

injeTAK adjustable tip needles are designed specifically for cystoscopy injections into the bladder wall for Overactive Bladder (OAB) and Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity (NDO).

injeTAK offers unique depth control functionality for accuracy, safety and speed.


The complete catalogue of LABORIE disposables for urodynamics is available from Customer Service. Please contact us here.